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#17 – Hanna Boëthius

Episode 17 - Hanna Boëthius

On today's show, Brent is joined by Hanna Boëthius, a food and nutrition expert specializing in diabetics, all the way from Switzerland, Europe! Tune in to learn more about the benefits of low carb/ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting as we debunk some of the myths surrounding those subjects, and to discover how Hanna manages to organize food and nutrition-related conferences in more than 4 languages!

It was such a pleasure to have her on the show, so don't miss out on this episode of the Living Wild Podcast!

Find Hanna on the following links:

Hanna's Website

The Low Carb Universe Event

Hanna Diabetes Expert on Facebook

@HannaDiabetesExpert on Instagram

@HannaDiabExpert on Twitter

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